How to design like CRAP—Figma Fundamentals

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This course shows you how to get started with Figma in a series of step-by-step video lessons.

It's taught by me—Craig. I've been a graphic designer for 15 years and I've been using Figma for a long time. It's my go-to tool for making all the design work that I do. Everything from designing websites, designing brands and making daily images on my Unobvious account. 

It's one of the best design tools I've ever used and I want to show you how to use it.

This course was originally going to be a much bigger design course about the 4 most important design fundamentals but it didn't pan out how I wanted it to. Instead, I've included those as extras in this Figma course.

What's covered inside

  • "How to design like CRAP"—a look at the 4 design fundamentals you need to know
  • An introduction to Figma
  • The basic tools of Figma
  • The complex tools of Figma
  • How to use the pen tool in Figma
  • Understanding components in Figma
  • Exporting your designs from Figma
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How to design like CRAP—Figma Fundamentals

9 ratings
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