The Magic Visual

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The Magic Visual

Craig Burgess
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There’s precious little documentation out there on how to make visuals that work.

Visual Twitter is such a small corner right now. But there’s lots of things out there already that we can use to learn from.

There's already been huge successes.

Look at Visualize Value. Look at Behavior Gap

This is an expanding corner of Twitter that is becoming very powerful. 

You have the opportunity to get in early.

My 100-tweet thread was just a teaser.

I have a lot more to say.


The Magic Visual

How to make visuals that hit like a freight train and get noticed like a news story

The book will serve as a reference guide on how to make visuals that work.

It will cover:

  • visual theory such as Billboard Thinking and How to Apply the CRAP Principles
  • visual patterns that get shared and liked such as The Transformation and Now You See It, Now You Don't
  • lots and lots of examples
  • rules for making high-impact visuals such as One Word Can Be Enough and It Isn't About Being Clever

This isn't just a book on how to make successful visuals on Twitter. 

This is a book on how to make visuals that get noticed in any medium.

I want this!
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